Fixed Price

Properties can be advertised with a price. This method of sale still allows the buyer to negotiate with you on the price. Benefits of selling by fixed price are:

  • Buyers are aware of Vendor’s expectations
  • Recent market statistics help to set the price

Price By Negotiation

This strategy sees a buyer make an offer based on what they think your property is worth. Buyers have to do their own research to make this judgement then you can negotiate with them on price through a salesperson.


A Tender is a method where buyers submit confidential written offers to the agent before a specified and date. If the property is advertised as ‘for sale by tender’ (unless sold prior)’, the buyer can make an offer at any time before the tender deadline. You can accept an offer at any time. There is no reserve price but may be a price guide.

Deadline Sale

A Deadline Sale is similar to a tender. You set a date and buyers can make an offer at any time before the deadline date. You may indicate the price and buyers can offer more or less than that price and negotiate the sale. You can choose to accept an offer at any time.


Selling a property at Auction is an open process where buyers bid against each other. You set a reserve price before the auction and once this price is reached, the property is sold to the highest bidder.